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Get your tender
check-up from
a tender consultant

Tender review

"Nicky has carried out a number of bid projects for me both at Ebert and Hawkins. She brings an innovative approach to all aspects of the process.
A great Professional with an eye for detail and flair.
Highly recommend her to anyone."

Ron Macdonald,

Hawkins, Ebert, ISG Plc

Is your tendering process in robust health
or does it feel a little anaemic?


The quickest and most cost-effective way is to put it to the test with a specialist tender consultant. From there the best treatment options will flow.


We know what it takes to create vibrant and successful tender submission.

In fact for over a decade the tenders I’ve helped with have generated over $NZ 4 billion with an 85% success rate of producing winning results.


Bottom Line: We have the expertise, knowledge, skills and experience to make the tender process come alive.


As specialist tender consultants we will help you win more business - either as a one off engagement or as part of an ongoing process whenever the demand for a tender submission might arise.


We will provide value, commitment and accountability in every part of the tender process where our expertise is required.


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