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Six steps
to create a sustainable
road to success

Helping and supporting you through your tender journey


Far from being a bitter pill to swallow our specialist approach has produced a plethora of successful outcomes. It is a process designed to set you in the right direction.

By providing specialist tender consulting services we able to save you time, develop your capacity and provide you with a return on your investment.

Tender process help

First off meeting to explain the tender process and establish budget/costs


This is like any other specialist consultation providing the opportunity to be happy with the personal ‘fit’ and get a sense of what the issues and opportunities might be. If the chemistry works then the rest of the tender process can begin.


Tender element

Review existing material and diagnose the missing elements in your tender process


This is a review of the status quo in terms of strategies, tactics and documentation you’ve used to date in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the tender process. Think of it like a snap shot of the ‘here and now’.


Tender management


Development of
tender improvement action plan


This is akin to a road map designed to put you in the right direction, and frame of mind, to create one off or ongoing tender documents. The plan will identify ‘where’ you want to be and ‘how’ to best get there.

tender help

Work with the tender team to implement changes identified


The benefits of working with a specialist tender consultant really pay dividends at this stage as the right resources are allocated to deliver success.


process help

Identify where outside support might be required


People on the receiving end of your tender document will need to be impressed. That means you need to stand out from the competition. To achieve that you may require assistance with design, layout, imagery, copy, appendices, messages, overall concept and hard and soft copy options.


management process

Overall tender management and implementation of the plan and/or support


This is akin to a project management role which Nicky Lowe can do or can be allocated to a member of your team.



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