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Dealing with a specialist bid consultant is good
for your health 

specialist bid help

“Thank you for a fantastic effort and a wonderful end document, should blow some socks off on Monday.”

Graham Mathews, Director,
TBS Group

Specialist bid help and support to increase your success rates and lower your stress levels


People talk about ‘work/life’ balance. In any situation this is hard to achieve. Working on a tender can sometimes make matters even worse. 


Resource wise, developing a tender can be a huge challenge particularly in dealing with business as usual demands. Inevitably working on a tender can get relegated to ‘outside normal business hours’ which cuts deeply into personal time. The result is stress, more stress and your frame of mind, and focus, not being in top shape for the task. 


In the worst case this can mean the difference between success and failure. Bid help and support can take the strain out of the process. 


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